Gilding Cornhole's Lily? Dirty!

Seriously, this was the headline in last week's Athens NEWS:

It's an article about two guys from NE Ohio who have designed better cornhole equipment. They added a cooler and drink holders — niiiiice. They're getting licenses from different colleges and universities to put official school logos on their cornhole sets, like so:

Want one? Buy it here: They also have some other MAC schools, like Akron, Kent, and Bowling Green.

When I was in Cincinnati last weekend for a music festival at Stanley's Pub, cornhole was set up off to the side of the parking lot. They also had some signs up for the American Cornhole Association, which was apparently founded by people from Cincinnati. See, I knew that this was a southwest Ohio thing. I'd never heard of it when I was in college in southeastern Ohio, but apparently it has spread its seed across the state. I can't get past the name, though. Bleh.

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  1. In my experience, it's definitely a Southwest Ohio/Kentucky thing. But it's great! The perfect party game.

    Just think of it as advanced bean bag toss (because the score-keeping is a little funky) and give it a try!