I Totally Want This: Kitschy Kool Edition

Take pictures that look as though Elvis is right next to you with the Elvis Camera! Picture the King as a surfer serenading you by tropical moonlight— as a handsome G.I. taking you for a stroll in the park.

Follow the simple instructions, making certain to center your subject in the frame, then develop as you would any other disposable camera. Your 4" x 6" photos will magically feature 4 each of 6 different Elvis scenes — starring you!

24 exposures; built-in flash.

Actually, I'm not sure if this is quirky retro fun or kind of creepy — check out more images here.

I do have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles camera. It puts an image of one of the turtles waving at you in the bottom corner of every photo. I have a bunch of pictures I took with it during high school and my freshman year of college. Then I claimed a black 35mm camera from the Lost and Found bin at Cedar Point since it looked more grown-up than a bright green 110 camera with a TMNT logo. Now I've got a little digital camera, but since I don't take that many photos anyhow, it's mostly gathering dust. I toy with the idea of doing photo-diary projects — you know, like the guy who takes a picture of the same street corner every day for a year — but since I'm basically lazy, I never convert these random impulses into purposeful action.

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