Friday Timewaster: What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

I have a 52% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Yay, me.
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I kind of feel like a zombie today: still half asleep and kind of tight in the head. (Stoopid lake-induced sinus headache!) I got in sort of late last night because I was at the Indians game until the bitter end. (Hey, I remember that big comeback against Seattle. Hope springs eternal!)

When I got home, I set the VCR to tape the 4 AM rerun of the Indians game (two of the home runs landed about 8 to 10 rows ahead of me, so I may or may not be able to see myself on camera) and started watching Disc 5 of the Bones DVDs. I drifted off halfway through, and it was quite a rude awakening when the alarm went off. I kept hitting the snooze button and thus didn't leave the house until 7:56, so I was at least five minutes late to work. When I came in the front door of the office, this alarm sounded. I'm like, The hell?

It turns out that since there have been a few break-ins in the complex (primarily to the doctors' offices, I think) these motion-activated alarms have been installed that (according the packaging) emit a "pleasant chime" or "ear-piercing alarm" whenever anyone comes in the door, depending on the setting. Of course, it's not like the alarm is connected to a larger system that alerts the cops or anything. It just makes an annoying noise that may or may not act as a deterrent.

Since I am at least 35 years younger than the only other person in the office right now (Stoopid Cathy and her vacation!), I was able to see that there is a "Chime," "Off," and "Alarm" printed alongside a switch on the side of the gizmo. (Admittedly, the switch and the letters are all slightly raised gray plastic bits set on a gray plastic box, so the lack of contrast does make it hard to find if you're, like, old and stuff.) I switched it off so we don't have to hear it every time one of us leaves for the bathroom or delivery person shows up. Small victory, but that's about all I can handle this morning. I just want to go home and go back to bed. Urk.

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