Weaving a Tapestry of Obscenities over Cleveland Street

Seriously, my neigbors probably think I have Tourette's, because I don't think I've ever cursed as much as I did while watching Game 1 last night. Oy.

Although right now is quickly becoming a close second. Is y'all's Interwebs slower than molasses in January, or is it just me? For most of this week, the connection at home has been one pokey little puppy, and now the connection at work is going to the dogs, too. I'm about tired of it, is what I am.

Or maybe I'm just tired. Not too tired to make a shout-out to one of my favoritest flicks ever, A Christmas Story, but definitely too tired to come up with anything clever to post today. Better luck Monday.

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  1. Megan Quinlan6/10/2007 9:57 PM

    I got my dad the DVD of "A Christmas Story" for his birthday. I think it's his favorite movie ever. We're convinced that he was Ralphie growing up, and that watching it is like watching his family back in the 50s. When he retired, my mom bought him a leg lamp, but just the small one, which turned out to be too bad because his colleagues had planned on buying him the big one. They took the money and donated it to the Alzheimer's association, which is what my grandfather died of. Anyway, for Father's Day, the Red Sox have all these new jerseys and hats that say 'Red Sox' in Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese or Gaelic, so I'm going to get him the Gaelic ones.