This Week in Netflix: Volume 8

I was going through basketball withdrawal as the days slooowly ticked by and anticipation for Game 1 of the NBA Finals grew, so I stuck Glory Road in the DVD player last night. I was also in the middle of printing some stuff and importing some CDs, so what with all the buzzing and rattling of the electronic gear, I couldn't hear some of the dialogue in the opening scenes. I thought I was missing out on important information, but I quickly realized that I know how this movie works already and that the people who made the movie knew that people know how the movie works, so they slighted some of the scene-setting/supporting characters and charged on ahead to the interesting stuff (i.e., getting the guys together and playing some ball).

So, much like Titanic, the viewer already knows how the movie ends. You have to appreciate the finer points, like the costumes, hairstyles, and set dressing. They did a great job with the music, too. And some of the dialogue, where the players were insulting and/or teasing each other, was hi-larious. I also liked the featurettes with interviews of and information about the real people who played on or coached each team in the NCAA championship. I didn't listen to the commentary because I wanted to move on to something else in my pile, Two for the Money. Which I ended up falling asleep in the middle of, but that is more a reflection of my physical/mental state and in no way an indictment of the lavish attention given to Matthew McConaughey in various stages of undress. (Rowr! More on that in a future post!)

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