Insert Wiffle Ball/Boobie Euphemisms Here

I've been loving the TV and radio ads for the contest to win a game of Wiffle Ball with Grady Sizemore. Hmm. I don't have kids. Can I enter the Backyard Challenge anyway?
Also: I can't improve on this post about Grady, so I'll just link to it: Hump Day Hottie: Grady Sizemore. I see some candidates for my desktop wallpaper . . .

Right now I have this shot of LeBron and Boobie as my wallpaper.

In Brian Windhorst's Cavaliers blog, he said they have man crushes on each other, which totally cracked me up. I can't stand the nickname Boobie, although I think my mom told me over the weekend that it's German for "little boy" and that she had a cousin or some other relative in Germany that they called Boobie. I did like the t-shirts some girls wore to Game 6: "Detroit, You Can't Touch Our Boobie." Snerk.

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