All Hail the King

What else is there to say? Words are failing pretty much everybody.

I will say this: Last night was the first time I agreed with Reggie Miller instead of Charles Barkley. Sir Charles was talking some smack about how other guys on the Cavs should have been involved in the scoring, and Reggie's all, Wait, I thought you just crucified this guy after Game 1 when he made the pass? You can't have it both ways — tell him to keep the ball and finish the play, but then when he does it, you tell him he should be getting his teammates involved? I thought, Yes! You tell him, Reggie. Then I thought, Wait, I hate Reggie Miller. What's going on?

Things were a little hazy at that point anyhow, partly because it was late and I was tired and partly because I couldn't believe that we managed to hang on and win it — and win it after the Indians came back to beat the Tigers. For the last week or so, it seemed that if the Indians lost, the Cavs won, and vice versa.

Anyhow, even though I saw the whole thing and watched the postgame on TNT and the recap on Sportscenter (and noted how they put a whole LBJ highlight reel together as the number-one "play," after they showed Grady's somersault catch as the number-two play of the day — Way to bend the rules there, guys. Why not make it the top-ten LeBron plays of the day and be done with it?) now I have to go catch up on all the newspaper coverage. I especially enjoy reading the Detroit papers, ha ha. Can't wait for Saturday night.

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