Game 3: Has to Be Better Than 1 and 2

Well, totally buckling down and working on my project lasted for about an hour last night. Then I made some Kool-Aid, put in my DVD of Season 1 of The Loop, and remembered how much I love that show. I knew the kid who stars in it (Bret Harrison) is Adam Brody's friend/roommate, but I had totally forgotten that AB did a cameo!

Season 2 just started, and while I forgot to set my VCR for the first episode, I'm covered for the rest (one of which is going to be on tonight). I'll have to find that first one online somewhere, because I watched my tape of Sunday's episodes and I don't know what happened to two of the housemates. Not that I miss them, I'm just curious from a continuity-of-storyline perspective.

Anyhow, as demonstrated by the above graphic pilfered from the ABJ, the other thing on TV tonight is the Cavs game. It would be awesome to go down to the party in the plaza, but I'll stay home and try to get some work in. I'll probably be yelling at the screen again, just like Sunday night.

On Sunday I had the radio on, too, so I could pay more attention to my project, but when the Cavs made that run with about five minutes left, I dropped all pretense of working. Good thing: I would have missed seeing Manu Ginobli get LeElbow to the face as LeBron drove to the basket. That was awesome in slo-mo. I wonder how it looked in HD 3-D at the Q. My other favorite moment: Horry knocking over Popovich. Heh. Note to self: Find those on YouTube.

So: The Cavs have to do better at home, right? Here's hoping.

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