This Week in Netflix: Volume 1

Recent Returns

Big Tease

The Big Tease, Born Romantic, and Saving Grace

I went on a Craig Ferguson kick and requested everything I could find with him in it. Saving Grace was okay, and I liked Born Romantic because it all works out nicely for everyone in the end, but The Big Tease is really funny.

Hollywoodland, A Scanner Darkly, and The Last Kiss

These are from the category of "Things I Meant to See When They Came Out and Never Did." It would have been neat to see Hollywoodland and A Scanner Darkly on the big screen (the better to appreciate the period costuming/set dressing and the freaky live action/illustrated hybrid, respectively) but I'm glad I didn't bother with The Last Kiss. I like the people in it, but the choices some of the characters made (I'm looking at you, "Michael"/Zach Braff) got on my nerves. I wasn't in love with Garden State that much either, come to think of it. I liked the soundtrack, though.

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