Sad. With Eye Candy. (For Me, Anyway)

SQUEEEE!!!!Good-bye, The O.C.

I didn't watch all of last night's final episode — I taped it so I can savor it properly over the weekend. Shut up! I know I'm lame! — but I saw snippets. (I was busy simul-blasting the Cavs game: Joe Tait on the radio and TNT with closed-captioning on the TV so I could see what kind of smack was going out on the national airwaves. So tense at the end, and then a disappointing loss. Sigh.) Anyhow, here's hoping Adam Brody makes tons of movies, so I can be first in line.


In the meantime, I have this rumor to make me happy: Jimmy Fallon as Conan's Successor? I don't like Conan, so I'm not going to watch him on The Tonight Show — even if the adorable Andy Richter came back. Some people on the PopWatch boards want Jon Stewart to take over, but I think he's better suited to cable. I think Ryan Seacrest has too much to do already: two television shows and a radio show, plus red carpet duties any time someone hands out an award. He's not really funny on purpose, anyhow. Joel McHale is a good suggestion, though.

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