I've Been Ripped Off

So, there's this new toy circulating the intraweb: The Wheel of Food, aka The Wheel of Lunch. You put in your ZIP code, and it loads area restaurants on a giant wheel you can spin. Whatever comes up is where you would eat that day.

I totally had the same idea — albeit on a much smaller scale — about seven years ago. There were a limited number of venues near our old office, and we'd get tired of the same conversation about where to go. So, one day I made a pie chart and fashioned a crude spinner to help us make up our minds. And I'm not the only one with a similar concept: See Wheel of Yum and Create a Wheel.

Anyhow, my online Wheel of Food would now look something like this.

Love the typo in Saucy Bistro. Which reminds me: Keith Olbermann had a bit on his show the other night about a newspaper that left the l out of public in a headline. Heh. That almost happened in a unit once. The phrase was supposed to be public smoking but it could have ended up being more interesting.


  1. I would remove all of the other options to have "lunch" at Brendan's every day if I could ...

  2. At the educational publisher where I (briefly) worked in Cincinnati, when I started someone had just done that on the front cover of a book.

    Spellcheck can't do it all, people!