You can die of water intoxication? The hell?

I was poking around online while not exactly paying attention to the Golden Globes (Yay! Jennifer Hudson won! I was going to see Dreamgirls tomorrow anyhow — I prefer to watch my American Idol on tape delay, so I can zap through the commercials — so this will be extra cool.) and came across many nifty things I was going to link to and save for further exploration later, such as

Anyhow, I followed some links to other sites, and to other blogs, and so on and so on, and somebody mentioned that a woman died as a result of a "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest in California. I thought that sounded crazy, so I Googled it for further details.

First off, I think it's funny that Google asks you if you meant to type "Hold Your Weed for a Wii" before they give you the results for your actual search. Sadly, there are no results for "Hold Your Weed for a Wii," but can you imagine that contest? Secondly, apparently you can imbibe too much water and suffer from water intoxication. Yeesh. How freaky.


  1. I've heard of the Museum of Bad Art...Dedham is right next to Roslindale, where we live, but I've never been. Must check it out.

    There's also a store in Cambridge that you'd like called the Museum of Useful Things

  2. Opie and Anthony were talking about the Wee for Wii contest yesterday. That was all of the snickering you heard. I love the Gallery of Regrettable Yarncrafts! I will leave your geeky page thingies alone.

    But yeah, when my sister had kidney stones, I had heard of water poisoning. The nurse was warning her to be careful about how much water she was drinking as she was trying to pass the stone.

  3. Is that what all that snorting was about? I was almost going to ask you yesterday, but then I figured the answer was going to be about something goofy on the radio, so I just went back to ... What was I doing yesterday, besides trying to make my time log add up?

    Anyhow, so far I've only looked at the ski masks on the G of RY, but I intend to do further exploring this week.

  4. I’m surprised that no one in the Wee for Wii got Uromysitisis.

    My friend's gramma used to knit Barbie clothes for her. They were so ugly. I always felt bad for her that my Barbie had a beautiful wedding dress, and hers had one that was knit. It really made for a strange double wedding to Kens.