Scourge of Television Returns

Or, as I prefer to say: American Idol starts hogging the airwaves next week. (Goodbye, Bones! I'll miss you, David Boreanaz!)

Anyhow, I can't wait. I was reading an article (maybe in EW?) that said AI fans usually fall into two groups: those who only like to watch the trainwreck auditions, and those who only enjoy the twenty-four (ostensibly good) singers who battle in the weekly competitions. Not me: I like it all.

To prepare, I've started listening to Seacrest's show in the morning again, and I'm enjoying the vintage recaps that are periodically posted on USA Today's Idol Chatter along with the general news and updates. Of course, I plan to use Television without Pity as my main source for detailed recaps and witty commentary, but I'm going to check back in with a blog I started reading last year, The Woes and Prose of an American Idol Junkie, once the show starts on Tuesday.

However, I must draw the line somewhere . . .

So I will not be subscribing to the
American Idol magazine or buying the AI DVDs (okay, they're in my Netflix queue). Or getting tickets to Taylor Hicks at the H of B. (This is mainly because I can't convince anyone to go with me.)

Anyhow, I was without Internet access all day at the office, which totally sucked. I would have posted this earlier, instead of trying to mash it in during a brief stop home before I head out to the ... wait for it ... Loco Leprechaun! And maybe we'll see a movie where a crocodile eats Justin Timberlake.

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