I Totally Want This Strikes Back

I found the Shoe Wheel yesterday afternoon via the ReadyMade Blog and I totally want one.

When I showed it to Cathy, she ... let's just say she was very excited about the prospect. However, as she was enjoying her cigarette afterwards, she realized that a lot of her shoes have chunky heels, and wouldn't quite fit in the slots. Apparently the promise of "expandable slots" (dirty!) wasn't enough for her.

Susan also rained on our parade by saying something about not having shoes in a complete assortment of colors, so the lovely color wheel effect wouldn't happen in real life. To which I say: Have you seen my Chuck Taylor collection? I have . . .

  • basic black
  • black with a red "All Stars" written along the outside
  • black with a green stripe up the middle that makes them look like bowling shoes (Awesome, right?)
  • navy blue (2 pairs: old and beat up, aka "comfortable" and shiny and new with aftermarket silver laces)
  • hunter green
  • kelly green
  • pink (with aftermarket laces that have pink stars on them)
  • pink plaid
  • red
  • red and gray plaid

I think that's all, but there may be more hiding under the bed. These are all lowtops, of course. I think I might have a pair of black hightops somewhere, and I'm toying with the idea of getting some of the hightops that you can fold down to show a contrasting color, but mostly I like the look and feel of the lowtops.

Anyhow, the wheel concept reminded me of a CD rack I wanted to get a few years ago from Crate and Barrel:

At the time, I couldn't justify spending $50 on it. (Somehow, spending $65 on the shoe wheel is not a problem. Sadly, however, the wheels are already sold out for Christmas, but you can place an order for January 2007.)

Instead, my mom got me this one for Christmas:

Only a fraction of my collection fits into it, but it's cute to have. I think that's another reason why I didn't get the CD wheel rack — I would need at least eight of them to hold my stuff, which is expanding every time I visit Amazon. Most recent orders:

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  1. You know, I finally figgered out what I don't like about that shoe organizer. It reminds me of an industrial fan that they use in warehouses and factories in the summer. Just so ... ugly. There will never be a good shoe organizer that meets all of my various 4-inch stilletto and chunky platform needs. Sigh.