Football Mania

I was working one of my freelance gigs Sunday afternoon, and came home around 6 to find a message from my grandma on my machine. She called up to congratulate me on the Browns win. I should call her back and congratulate her on the latest Bengal that got arrested, ha ha.

Actually, I still can't believe we won. Usually, close games like that don't go our way. The game was on while I was working, and I was nervous that Dawson was going to shank it there at the end. Plus, Charlie's wrist is probably broken, but they don't want to admit it. Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens on Thursday. Probably a lot of this:

In other football news that I can't believe . . . OU and OSU both play in bowl games in January. I'm not sure this guy can believe it either:
Offering praise for another Ohio college football team.

My sister's an OSU alum, but she doesn't really follow sports. I wonder if she even knows that the football team is going for the national championship (again). I guess I'll be forced to root for them on her behalf.

Meanwhile, last week I was talking to some 110 alums at the MAC Championship game watch who were already figuring out flight times and driving distances and stuff to see how they were going to get to Mobile.

I did a little Googling this morning and found this: Official Ohio University GMAC Bowl Tour Package Options. With the airfare and a quad occupancy, you can get down there for just under a grand. That's not bad. If I weren't already planning to ditch work for the last two weeks of December, I would ditch work for a long weekend in the beginning of January and make the trip. As it is, I'll probably be up here in the snow, watching it on TV.

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