Dispatches from the Road: Volume 1

Newsflash: I am allergic to my parents' house.

This is odd, because I am down here a lot. However, most of my visits are Friday night to Sunday late afternoon. This time around, on Monday morning I woke up with a stuffy nose (only on the left side — how odd is that?) and a sore throat. It's not showing any other symptoms of cold/flu, so it must be allergies. But I can't imagine to what, especially since I was fine (like always) on Saturday and Sunday.

I only have to suffer through today, anyhow, and then it's off to GA tomorrow morning. I just dropped some Benadryl. I hope it doesn't put me to sleep, because I have to say goodbye to the grandmas this afternoon and then head up to the east side to see some friends for dinner.

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