Partly Creamy with a Chance of Ketchup

When given the choice of eating it or wearing it, I'll usually eat it. Yesterday, however, was all about wearing it.

I was going to have some coffee yesterday morning, so I'm heading to the office kitchenette-ette (it's rilly teensy) with my creamer and my mug. I opened the creamer and was getting ready to pour it in my mug when I realized that I hadn't rinsed my mug out yet. I set the creamer down, and some of the liquid spurted out of the opening and sprayed the front of my sweater.

My natural reaction of $#^! had to be squelched because one of the nuns was a few feet behind me, working at her desk. So, I mopped up as best I could, poured the remaining creamer in my newly rinsed mug, and tried to enjoy my coffee while the wet spots dried to whitish spots, which looked really striking against my bright red sweater. Sigh.

Later on, after agreeing with
Idolator's reactions to The Departed . . .

Which is an awesome, awesome movie, by the way. I almost want to see it again. And find a screencap of the final frame. Maybe if I see it again I'll take my digital camera . . . Hmm.

Anyhow, it reminded me of the first time I saw Matt Damon in
a movie set in Boston. I've been to Boston three times, and when that movie came out I think I had just been there a few months before for my friend Megan's wedding, so I was annoying my moviegoing companions with lots of "Hey! I've been there!" whenever I recognized a landmark in the background.

. . . Cathy and I decided to hit the brewpub later in hopes of finding Monster Mash for her and tasty ribs for me. Sadly, no Monster Mash on tap yet, but my quest for a half-rack of the ribs was quite successful. The ribs come with fries, so I asked for ketchup.

When the bottle arrived, all the ketchup was settled in the bottom third of the bottle, so I figured I would shake it a little, loosen it up, and invert it in preparation for the lengthy wait before any of it actually hits the plate. (Cathy and Christine tell me to hit the 57 to speed up the process, but I've never quite figured that out.)

Unbeknownst to me, however, the cap is loose and the ketchup is excited. That's right: One shake and the top flies off and ketchup spews everywhere. It's on the table, on the chair opposite me, on my OU shirt . . . Obviously, I needed
a bottle with directions.

After I wiped up the worst of it, the waiter came by to ask how things were. I said "Ketchupy!" and explained the red explosion that led to the giant smear on my shirt. He said something funny about premature ketchup ejaculation and went to get me a towel and some soda. The busboy was also very concerned about the state of my shirt, because it was a cool OU shirt and not a Michigan one. So, you know, at least I had that going for me.

An aside:
Why would anybody want to eat

According to the review on Serious about Snacks,

When the ketchup powder mixes with the saliva in your mouth, it makes it taste like you're eating ketchup on a chip.

Ew!! </Summer Roberts >

OMG, speaking of that: Less than 3 weeks until The O.C. returns! Squee! I can't wait to enter the post-Marissa universe. It has to be better than the post-Amy Sherman-Palladino & Daniel Palladino universe of Gilmore Girls. I haven't watched the latest episode yet, but I hear Lorelei is heading toward reconnecting with Chris. Meh. I'm a Luke girl. Also a Dave Rygalski girl, which is why I [heart] The O.C.

Oh look. Time for coffee. I'll try not to wear it today.

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  1. Uh, I like to dip my chips in ketchup. Real ketchup though, not powder ketchup. Mmmm. Salt & Vinegar chips with ketchup. My mouth, she is watering.

    Here's the other movie I want to see, starring the physical perfection also known as John Cena. Talk about mouth-watering ...