Halloween Costumes

On break just now, Cathy was telling me about her idea for an awesome Halloween costume (which I will not reveal here in case she's using it as fodder for her own blog).

I think I'm going to steal Ryan Seacrest's costume from last year: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain.

It's a pale blue sweatsuit with cotton balls attached to the shirt (that's the Partly Cloudy bit) and a squirt gun (the Chance of Rain).

As Ryan explained on the radio this morning, "When people come up to ask what you are, you say 'Partly Cloudy . . .' and then you squirt them and say 'with a Chance of Rain!' Hilarious! Ha! Larious!"

If I were going to Athens for Halloween (I'm so not), I would definitely be out buying a squirt gun right now.

I already have some pale blue Fat Albert pajamas — my neighbor thought they were nurse's scrubs, but he's an idiot — that, if I can wash the toothpaste stains out of them, would work okay.

Cotton balls: check. No wait, I take that back: I have the cotton rounds, which are not the same. So, I'd have to shell out 99 cents for cotton balls.

But since I doubt I'm going to any costume party this year, the point is rather moot. Or moo, if you watch Friends.

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