Still Busy

Have I mentioned I'm swamped? Yes? Okay then.

In the meantime, here are a few bits and pieces.

Jordan Knight CD Signing Party
Check out the Henry Rollins references in the Comments section.

Pretty Cool
iTunes 7.0
I like the jukebox feature with the album covers. Of course, that allows me to kill time hunting down the cover art for things that aren't in the iTunes database.

Distant Replay
Can you believe OU is 2-1? The alumni association was going to have a game watch this weekend, but apparently the game won't be televised after all, so it had to be cancelled, which sucks. Of course, I'm going to be meeting with a freelance client anyhow, so it's a bit moot.

Speaking of freelance . . . must put nose back to grindstone.

Ugh. Maybe it's time for a snack. . .


  1. You're totally baiting me, right? Well I won't bite. I totally love Jordan Knight!

    Yeah. Ok. A two year old could kick JK's ass ... Boy bands are all a flash in the pan. That's why I'm amazed that The-Artist-Who-Lost-His-Space-Bar does well as a soloist.

    Guess it depends on what you fancy: a song that lasts 2.30 with no real lyrics and lots of girls and babys and stiff synchronized dancing or a song like "Six Pack" that has no real lyrics but lasts .30 and just shouts six pack a lot and kicks ass. And, at least the guys in Black Flag played their own instruments. They didn't do it well, but they did it. Rollins Band is much better--real musicians and lyrics that while not catchy, mean something.

  2. I'm on crack. On listening today, I realize that "Six Pack" is over two minutes long. Not that you care. And Jordan Knight still sux.