Geekiness Confirmed and Celebrated

So, you know how last time I mentioned my Excel spreadsheet -slash- personal television schedule?

On 43 Folders, there was a request for comments about this topic:

What kind of cool, novel, and non-obvious stuff are you doing with Excel? What’s the wildest, most obsessive, most nerdy thing you ever saw someone do with our favorite spreadsheet program?

I couldn't resist posting. Check it out here and here.

Based on comments from some other people, maybe I'm on to something.


  1. Ooohhh. An online proposal. I sniff a geek wedding.

  2. Only if he has a Millennium Falcon tattoo.

  3. Yeah, Amy, when are you going to get married, huh? If you can't find a hubby, then you can have mine! It's your damn fault I met him in the first place.

    Geeks! Oh, wait... I married one.