Alumni Leaders Conference 2017

So, I survived another ALC!

Matt and I have been going to these since 2006 ... which is why the alumni association staff asked us, along with other long-time volunteers, to be a part of some roundtable discussions on topics of interest. 

I finally took Ted's advice to cash in on/otherwise leverage the whole Jeopardy! thing and used that as part of my discussion topic:

"Can I have Alumni Engagement for $1000, Alex?"
Join longtime OHIO volunteer and onetime Jeopardy! contestant Amy  for answers to common questions about planning successful events, recruiting/retaining volunteers, and what Alex Trebek is really like. Discover the many tips and tricks she's gathered from other alumni leaders and explore ways to apply these best practices to your chapter or society. 

I was even inspired to carry the Jeopardy! theme onto one of my handouts:

The session went pretty well, I think. I essentially went through all of my old files and made a note of anything still relevant/useful. I compiled some pretty thick packets of handouts, with the understanding that it was something for people to take back and review with their chapter/society board members to determine what could be applied during the planning and execution of future events.

And, of course, I did give a quick recap of my Jeopardy! experience -- not quite as detailed as the one I gave to a friend-of-a-friend at the bar later, but with enough insider info to make it interesting. The consensus seemed to be that I definitely need to get cracking on those "Getting Salty with Alex!" t-shirts.

Oh, wait: Have I not mentioned that I've been on Jeopardy! on this blog? I suppose I should rectify that at some point.

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