Hoarding Pays Off

I broke down and finished my taxes early — early for me, anyway; especially since the official deadline isn't until April 18 this year — and in the course of rummaging around in my various financial records, I came across a batch of savings bonds that I received as a kid.

Turns out some of them have matured (unlike the recipient, lol)  so I may as well cash them in . . . but not before admiring the artwork  — note the Bicentennial label and the punch-card holes!

I also have the original gift envelopes.

I'm probably going to hang on to those for a while, on the off chance that I can figure out how to use them in a future papercrafting project.


  1. It's not hoarding. It's archives.

  2. I knew I could count on you to see it in the right light! :)