I Totally Want This: Pawprint Keychain

I love this keychain charm that's on sale at the Bobcat Store!

However, I already have an Athens Block keychain that I'm not really using.

I insist on keeping my car key on a separate key chain, and all I have on it is an old OU bottle opener. I've had it since I was a student, so the logo and paint have long since worn off -- I'm probably the only one who knows it used to be green and have a white paw print on it. I tried to replace it with a white one in the same style, but it was too weird and I switched back.

Anyhow: I need to find my keys, load the car, and get going on my road trip. It's a little bit of a working vacation -- going to meet up with a freelance client -- but it should be a good time!

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