Might've Overdid It

Did I mention I had a summer cold, stayed home from work for a day and a half,  and was miserable?

So much so that I kind of went overboard and requested 30 things from the library after I plowed through the four things I had just checked out? [Updated to add: 13 of them are ready for pickup 6/19.]

So much so that I finally broke down and washed some dishes, and now my back hurts from being hunched over the sink? (Seriously: I am too tall for that kitchen.)

So much so that I almost watched the entire first season of Major Dad on Hulu?

Yeah, it was pretty bad. 

I sucked it up and went to the office today, but I am not enjoying it in the least. Then again, what else is new.

The whining has ended; go in peace.

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