March Was Indeed Mad

So, since my alma mater won the MAC tournament and went to the Sweet 16, I was a little preoccupied with basketball for the last few weeks . . .

I went to all the tournament games (made some new friends and hung out with some old ones) and then organized a bunch of local game watch parties for OU alumni (and sang the school fight song solo on live local television).

We lost (although we totally could have won!) and I thought I'd get back to my usual routine  —  tv, movies, books, blogging, etc. — but now there's this big kerfuffle about the basketball coach possibly leaving the verdant hills of southeast Ohio for some other school, and I've spent most of the day hitting "refresh" on a bunch of Twitter feeds in hopes of being among the first to know anything for sure. Instead of, you know, doing any actual work. And since I'm already two weeks' behind because of all the event planning I was doing during office hours, I kind of need to get on the stick.


What else?

Oh! Speaking of goofing around at the office: I've been wearing a different pair of Chuck Taylors to work every day for about the last week or so. Why? Glad you asked. Allow this Facebook conversation to illuminate and elucidate:

So, here's a quick collage of what I've worn so far.

Exciting, eh?

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