I Totally Want This: Post-It Note Wrist Watch

I spotted this on Office Supply Geek (What? It's a thing.) and was immediately consumed with lust. Not enough to order these from freaking France (?!), but still.

I could have used one of these yesterday, when I was making a mental list of items I needed to pick up on my way home (Zicam was recommended by a Facebook friend as a cold preventative; I needed some business-sized envelopes; I was out of contact lens solution; etc. and so on) but I was too good to, like, write any of this crap down. Or type it into my iPod touch. Or even write it on my hand.

So, I wandered the aisles randomly, picking up some assorted odds and ends that are useful, but not necessarily on my list. (Carmex now makes hand lotion? I must try it!)

Fast-forward to about an hour after I got home, when it hit me that I never got any envelopes. Doh!

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