Annoyed Grunt

Damn you, auto-fill . . . and my oversize fingers!

I was sending an e-mail to myself about some songs I want to download* and/or put together on a playlist, and I started typing in my other e-mail address . . . and then the auto-fill options popped up.

Being my usual lazy self, I decided to tap what I thought was the address I wanted and then hit send. Instead, I tapped the address next to my address and hit send.  Cue annoyed grunt . . .

I'm not even positive I know who that person is, or how I know her. I'm hoping it goes directly into her spam folder and she never sees it, because it makes totally no sense to anybody besides me. I don't compare anyone to Hitler, though, so I guess I have that going for me, which is nice.

* I finally got around to watching Outrageous Fortune last night  —after it sat around my apartment in its soon-to-be-vintage** Netflix envelope for at least a month*** — and a Bob Seger song I've managed to never hear before popped up on the soundtrack. It sounds like a Chuck Berry song, actually, which reminds me of another song, so I wanted to get the Seger song and put all three of them in this other playlist I'm building, but I assume that I will promptly forget about this so I wanted to send myself an e-mail about it . . . which I will probably leave in my inbox and never look at again, but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I documented my great idea and can access it again at some point in the future.

**My mom made that joke last weekend about a Borders bag she was using to schlep presents to my cousin's birthday party. She told her brother he should keep it, because it may be a collector's item. She's a laugh riot, that woman.

*** I'm keeping the streaming video and one-disc-at-a-time DVD-by-mail plan, although the rates at which I've been watching either lately may call this decision into question. This is partly because I've been gorging on Hulu+, what with all the new fall shows.

I'm dropping some of those, though. I can't get in to New Girl — it's just getting on my nerves. I'm also refusing to watch any more of  2 Broke Girls, even though it is sandwiched between shows that I'm still watching. I didn't think the pilot was all that hi-larious, and after seeing the promos for the second episode, I decided not to bother. I'd rather have more episodes of  . . . well, I forget the name of it, exactly, except that I liked everybody in it: the American Pie guy, the second Becky from Roseanne, chubby sidekick on Reaper, and what'shername from a bunch of shows, including Arrested Development.**** I can't stand anybody in this Broke Girls nonsense. I thought I liked Kat Dennings because I liked Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, but that must have been the material and not her.

**** I'm trying to not let myself get too excited about Arrested Development coming back for a short season and a movie, but I'm totally watching it if and when it happens.

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