Only Exciting to History Nerds

I got another big package in the mail today! Since I've been posting photos of everything else I've received lately, I thought I would continue the trend.

It's not that thrilling, though, since it's actually work related. I had to order some photocopies of letters that are in the collection of the California State Library so we could reprint some excerpts in one of the social studies units.

So, the packaging is pretty utilitarian.

The contents are only exciting to people who are interested in personal correspondence about what life was like in the California gold fields in 1851:  i.e., history nerds.

I have nine more handwritten pages of this letter, plus eight handwritten pages for another letter. Thankfully, someone at some point typed them up.

In other news, it is Friday and I am looking forward to a long weekend of relaxing at a lovely little B & B that is better known as my parents' house. I'm bringing some of my stamping stuff, because I might make a stationery set for my sister, and I'm also planning to meet up with an old pal from college on Saturday. Should be fun!

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