Getting Crafty on the Fourth

I took some of my rubber-stamping gear with me when I went to my parents' for the holiday weekend.

I had a handful of new items that I picked up when my sister and I were in Cincy over Memorial Day Weekend. Stamp Your Art Out was conveniently having a sale that weekend, and I picked this up from the half-price bin:   
Sunny Flowers - Stampendous Perfectly Clear Stamps

And I also bought some booklets with assorted botanical and summer images:   


Anyhow, mash that all together with some glitter glue, card stock, and Copic markers, and you get these:

Assorted Cards

Extreeeeme Close-Up! </Wayne's World >

Hello Card

And these ... Which are slightly crooked in real life, because I suck at cutting and aligning right angles properly, but are extra crooked in these photos, because I didn't bother to line them up neatly before I snapped the photo.

Botanical Collage 1

Botanical Collage 2

I made some other ones in the vein of the last two, but I forgot to take any pictures of them before I gave them to my mom.

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