Technically Working

I'm sort of procrastinating by weeding through a bunch of old to-do lists and taking care of some really important tasks like, uh, re-labeling all of my file folders.

I garfed up the first page of labels by having it oriented the wrong way in the printer. Doh!

Next up? Scanning! I have some pages that were faxed  in the 1990s on thermal  paper, and the ink is slooowwwly fading away. I also have some records that I want to digitize so the hard copies can be stored somewhere else.

This is all technically stuff that needs to be done, but it doesn't really need to be done right now. Then again, when else am I going to have a relatively light workload? I'm mostly caught up on all the pressing business at the dry cleaner's, so I may as well enjoy this mental bubble gum while it lasts.

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