It Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin

I'm kind of a latecomer to Good Reads, and I'm not connected to that many friends on there at the moment. However, since the people I am connected to are librarians, I get e-mails practically every day to update me on what they've added to their "To Read" and "Reading Now" lists.

This is fine, except that the e-mails arrive at about the same time as when I should be buckling down and doing some actual work. Instead, I want to find out more about a book on Brian's list, or post a comment on Mary Lu's list about how great I thought that YA novel was when I read it, blah blah blah, et cetera and so on.

So, full marks for Good Reads for inspiring in me the exact outcome it wants; a massive FAIL on my part for not being able to delay gratification for a few hours. (Noooo: The message indicator pops up, and I must read it right now! And respond!  Yahoo Mail  is Pavlov and I am its bitch, apparently.)

Oh, and then whipped cream and a cherry on top of my massive FAIL by blogging about it instead of getting back to work. (Can you tell that I'm really not all that jazzed at the prospect of tackling any of the projects on my desk right now? I'm cross-checking an inventory report against our production database and a list of titles sold by a distributor, and when I finish all 39 pages of that, I get to mark up a book with some content updates so it can go back to layout for corrections. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. . . .  I'd better get cracking, though, because I have a short week pretty much every week in May.)

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