Wednesday Timewaster: Gum

I was semi-working just now when the other proofreader came to the cube to hang out during our semi-official break time. I decided to take a break from semi-effective cough drops and break out some gum in hopes of perfection.

Unwrapping the new pack of Stride 2.0 reminded me that when I bought said gum at the grocery store last night I saw some packages of the same brand with labels spouting some nonsense about vitamins added to the gum. The other proofreader had never heard of such a thing before, but some quick Googling made it clear that the New York Times was all over this issue six weeks ago:

New Gums With Vitamins, Herbs and Varied Claims

Perusing the article led to the discovery of the Gum Alert blog, which I can't believe I never heard of before. I'm totally subscribing, if only to see what gets the dreaded one-gumball rating of  "Foul. Repugnant. Gross."

Now that I've been chewing the gum for about five minutes, I'm this close to giving Stride 2.0 the "Foul. Repugnant. Gross." rating. The flavor is the same as before, but the consistency is off. It seems too slippery/slimy somehow, like it's going to disintegrate at any moment. It reminds me of the Straight Dope column about disintegrating gum except that I'm not eating anything greasy/buttery, nor am I making out with anybody while chewing the gum. It's a little off-putting, actually. I wonder if I can still get Stride 1.0.

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