After being away for so long, it felt kinda strange to be back in my apartment last night.

I'm still on my "vacation schedule," which involved two weeks of staying up super-late watching random crap on TV and then sleeping in until it was time to watch The Price Is Right. Which is why I heard the radio part of my clock radio go off at 6 a.m. but then managed to ignore the alarm part of my clock radio for a good hour and a half before jerking awake at 8 a.m. with the strong suspicion that I was supposed to be somewhere. Good thing I didn't make any resolutions along the lines of "Be on time for work."

I wasn't any later than I usually am, though, since I had somewhat prepared for this eventuality the night before by laying out some outfit options (I ended up with option B, although option A is welcome to audition again tomorrow morning.) and putting anything I need to bring with me (lunch, Christmas presents to mail to my sister, bag of library books to return) on top of my jacket in my desk chair near the door to my apartment. I should have put everything on top of my winter coat and boots, though — it was quite the shock to walk out into 12-degree weather. (At least it wasn't snowing?)

Once I did get to work, hardly anybody else was there anyhow. I had a horrible dream while I was on vacation that someone had messed with my computer, but that prophecy didn't come true. Although ... I did discover a problem with one of my databases and had to root around in my archives for the correct information. I needed to put the right information in before I could run a report to use as the basis for another year-end report, which I suppose I should get cracking on. Usually I'm pretty good about working on it a little bit all year, but apparently I decided to leave it all until the last minute this time around. Sigh.

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