For Reals, Yo

I usually make a spreadsheet this time of year to track my viewing plans, but I could never come close to the attention to detail shown by this guy: The New Fall Season - The Ultimate TV Spreadsheet (UPDATED).

My spreadsheet is only broken down by prime time (shown below; click to embiggen) and late night (Stewart/Colbert, Leno/Fallon, Ferguson, SNL).

I'm kind of cheesed that Human Target was moved to Wednesdays; I was using Wednesdays to catch up on Monday and Tuesday's shows. And since I've had to triage Thursdays at 8 and watch Community and Bones online,  I cannot wait for Hulu Plus to come to Roku.


  1. I know I tried to send you to TV rehab before and you said No, No, No. But maybe you could moonlight for the Nielsen organization or something. Someone as dedicated as you are to television programing should really have a voice in how it's being scheduled. And maybe you could do something about all those horrible "Reality" shows.

  2. You know, I did get a letter from the Nielsens a few months ago, but after some emails back and forth, I didn't hear back. I think the numbers/demographics aren't on my side. They probably don't care what one white girl in the suburbs watches . . . Although maybe they should, because according to my credit card bill, I spend quite a bit of money!