Counting Down

I'm going to this rally thing on Saturday — maybe you've heard of it? My dad just e-mailed me to tell me to have a great time: "We will be watching from our warm, cozy, big screen TV room. (For Free)"  Uhm, thanks?

I kind of left a lot of logistics until the last minute, though — like confirming with my friends who live in the area when we're going to meet up once I get there, figuring out how we're going to get around while I'm there, researching what else I might want to do in Baltimore and DC while I'm in the area, etc. (Every time I say "Baltimore and DC," I keep hearing The Mamas & The Papas version of "Dancing in the Street" in my head. It's been driving me crazy.)

So, instead of doing any actual work this morning, I've been looking up all those kinds of things, plus checking in for my flight. I picked the option of having my boarding pass sent to my cell phone, which I've never done before but sounds very space age-y and cool.

What was very retro and cool was going to see Back to the Future on the big screen Monday night, which was twenty-five years to the day Marty went back in time. I swear I saw a DeLorean cruise through the theater's parking lot before the show.

My friend Missy and I had a hard time stopping ourselves from reciting all the lines with the characters, but I think half the crowd was doing the same thing. A few people dressed up like Marty — plaid shirts and puffy vests — but one guy also had a skateboard, which: Way to commit, dude!

Everybody got a free commemorative poster. I'm thinking of hanging mine up in my cubicle . . . but I'll have to rearrange my OU poster and Demotivators to make room.

I have the trilogy on DVD, and I thought about watching Part II when I got home on Monday night. Instead,  I ended up just watching all the bonus features for Part I, which was still pretty fun. There were some stills of Eric Stoltz in Michael J. Fox's role, but not the actual footage. I can't see myself upgrading to the trilogy on Blu-Ray just to see it . . . I'm sure someone will post it on YouTube eventually anyway.

Before Part I started, I was trying to tell Missy about the 11 Points articles about what Back to the Future Part II got right and wrong about the future. They're pretty funny; check them out:

Meanwhile: I'd better make like a tree and get out of here.

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