It's Later Than I Think

These West coast road trips mess with my head. I'm lounging around, listening to the Indians game while I do some stuff online. (It started out productive with bill paying and mail holding, but quickly devolved into comics reading and Facebooking.) I'm used to games that start at seven and finish before ten, so I'm not really freaking out about the lengthy list of tasks I need to complete before I go to work tomorrow in seven hours (chief among them being laundry so I have something to wear this weekend) until it sinks in that the Tribe is *in* Seattle and it's almost one a.m. Crud.

Hmm. Are clean clothes overrated? Or, can I just dump a bunch of dirty stuff in my duffel bag and throw it in the wash once I get to my parents' place? I'm liking that idea a lot. Not enough to actually go do it right this second, but it's the bottom of the ninth, so I'd better get cracking.

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