Friday Timewaster: Charlie Is So Cool Like

Last night I was reading the behind-the-scenes on American Idol recap on the Entertainment Weekly site, and being in a time-killing kind of mood (Okay, to be honest: When am I not?) I followed some link that seemed as though it would supply ample mockage of the tween trend that is Bieber Fever.

I ended up spending at least forty-five minutes watching YouTube videos posted by Charlie McDonnell, because they are hi-larious and pretty awesome. I was intrigued by the Stephen Fry audio tag at the conclusion of each episode, so that led to more link-clicking and interwebs-stalking via his Web site and Wikipedia entry and Twitter feed and whatnot.

I'm actually super-swamped at the office today, but thought that I would share this for anyone who is not similarly buried under mounds of paper. (Literally: Around 4 p.m. yesterday we devised a scheme for splitting three U.S. history books — each of which is 400-plus pages when printed for editing — into four U.S. history books, and I'm in charge of reconfiguring the three piles into four piles, then giving two of the new piles to layout and the other two to editorial . . . because we don't even have all the parts of those books in from the authors yet. Cue a Charlie-Brown-esque Auuugghh! howl here.)


At least it's Friday, and I have a super-short week next week because I'm going to Athens on Thursday and then spending the rest of the long weekend with my sister. So, yeah: I got that going for me, which is nice.

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