Here in Cleveland? I Didn't Know They Still Had a Team!

This is from the (rather lengthy!) comment I made last week on Brave Astronaut's post about how much he hearts April:

And also: I'm going to the Indians home opener on Monday afternoon. (Hence the use of my Grady Sizemore/Jensen Lewis/Tom Hamilton* - autographed DVD of MAJOR LEAGUE [deluxe edition w/ AstroTurf cover!] as a profile photo.) 

It's my first time at a home opener, but I think it's one of those things everybody should do once — like being in Times Square on New Year's Eve. So, done and done.

Anyhow: The current conditions in Cleveland are 36 degrees and rain/snow. The weatherpeople around here insist it will be back up to the 60s by Monday afternoon, but perhaps they just want to be able to chortle from the comfort of their climate-controlled studios while the Progressive Field cam shows stands full of shivering shorts-wearers. I myself am probably going to be bringing a blanket, just in case.

So, further bulletins as events warrant.

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