Friday Timewaster: Computer w/ an Internet Connection

Mostly I just need to complain about how I received the gift of two full days of peace and quiet at the office but have pretty much squandered both of them by geeking around online. I know it's all my own fault, but I still want to bitch about it. 

I can almost see the finish line for one of my tasks, which has to be ready for somebody else to pick up on Wednesday, and I already know that I'm going to lose pretty much all of Tuesday to an all-day all-staff meeting so I really need to buckle down and power through (and insert more clich├ęs about putting my nose to the grindstone joined by the word and ) but I keep getting distracted by the usual suspects (checking for new items in my seven e-mail accounts,  FB, and Google Reader) and haven't finished a page. Guh.

There are other petty things on my mind — not the least of which is that I bit my lip earlier and it rilly, rilly hurts — but I will suspend my whining for the nonce.


And then Cathy sends me a link to this ... 

which is so not helping, because I would much rather listen to that while giggling about the words buttery  and deep in relation to Mike Rowe than figure out whether the column headings in the t-chart are aligned properly. 

Is it 4:30 yet?


The video has been removed, but here's a screencap proving it once existed:

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