The Bad Is Outweighing the Good Right Now

Happy nerd moment #1: Using some code I found on teh magic interwebs, I made a macro to create a monthly calendar in Excel. 

Happy nerd moment #2: Discovering the external hard drive I've been searching for off and on for the last month or so in the bottom of one of my tote bags. Next step: Double-checking that everything on my old laptop has been backed up to the EHD so I can move some things over to the new laptop.

Scary Cleveland fan moment that completely outweighs the happy nerd moments: Elbowgate 2010. 

When I woke up this morning, the sports report on the radio was filled with clips from LeBron's postgame interview in which he detailed the issue with the elbow. I thought it sounded like a pinched nerve or something, and started freaking out big time. 

Then at BW-3s this evening — enjoying the free wings I won at the MAC tournament while crabbing about things at the office — I saw the video footage of the same interview and was mesmerized by that cream-colored cardigan with the shawl collar. (What was with his initials on the left side? It reminded me of a letter sweater from the '50s, except with his monogram instead of the school's.) 

I was so captivated by the fashion show that I almost forgot to be nervous about the Cleveland karma — much like Murphy's law, it essentially states that anything that can go wrong with Cleveland sports teams will  . . .  I mean, come on: The Indians lose because of a frakkin' bunt single with two outs in the ninth?! — until I watched SportsCenter's Top Ten on premature celebration, which actually featured the Browns game where they blew the win because of the penalty after that one guy took his helmet off early and thus set me off all over again. I mean, Cavs fans — your humble correspondent included —  have been thinking "This is the year! Ring for the king!" all season, and now . . . to be laid low by the same thing that has brought us this far — to wit, his amazingly accurate shooting arm — is beyond brutal.

Making a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to cheer me — and the rest of the "Only in Cleveland!" crowd —  up? 

The LeBron James Elbow Twitter feed, which was featured in the Plain Dealer (LeBron's Elbow Says He's Fine. Honest.) and the Fake Scoop section of SB Nation (LeBron's Elbow? No, the Elbow Patches Are the Problem). I guess I'll be biting my nails between now and Saturday afternoon while fervently hoping that this is all a big fake-out on his part to lull the Celtics into a false sense of security and then . . . Welcome to LeBron's block party

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