Starchy Little Sticks of Satan 1 were thisclose to our usual comfy fifth-place berth, but we managed to eke out three more points and land in fourth . . . which means we still didn't actually win anything, despite managing to figure out the missing link after the second question.

The only other score that matters is Team 11's 89 points, which was so close and yet so far to earning them first place. They lost by a point to We're Having an Orgy and We'd Like You to Come (who are not the same guys as My Grandma Can't Wrestle But You Should See Her Box or Betty White Is a Wildcat in the Sack).

Anyhow, enjoy your napkin holder,2  Team 11, because I won a super-awesome raffle prize. No several-weeks-too-late Mardi Gras beads/t-shirt combo or bar mat/napkin dispenser set for me; I cashed in my ticket for two (count 'em!) Stella Artois glasses like the one shown below. Too bad they didn't come with any actual Stella . . . . 

Scores & Standings

Round 1: Terrible Television — 10 points
Round 2: Famous Peoples — 8 points
Round 3: Musical Noise Round of Fun — 10 points
Round 4: Know Some Ireland Stuff — 6 points

Picture Round: Famous Irish Places — 6 points

Round 5: Useless Facts — 6 points
Round 6: Sports Crap — 9 points
Round 7: Video Round — 4 points
Round 8: Missing Link — 19 points

At halftime we were tied for fifth with Grandma, just behind Makin' Bacon and Nick Sorenson's Fine Bromance. We should have put "Mike D" and "obvious" together to come up with "Irish-related questions in honor of St. Patrick's Day" earlier, because our last-minute pre-quiz cramming via iPhone/Wikipedia was useless.

Quotable Quotes & Notable Notes
  • We were the first team to sign up, making it the only time all night that we were in first place.

  • Mike D had some special announcements at the start of the quiz: This is the five year and two month anniversary of pub quiz, and to mark the occasion he wore a new shirt that is almost an exact replica of his other one.

  • Mike D's mom drew some lovely sketches while the answers to the last few rounds were revealed. One appears below, along with her annotations.  (His hair really was extra sticky-uppy yesterday; not quite a fauxhawk, but not quite the full Seacrest. I think the meanness refers to his repeated pleas to the audience to not buy his mom any more shots.)

I'll Take Fake Answers for $1000, Alex
  • Charro, Dave Coulier, Flava Flav, Jose Canseco, and Erik Estrada have all graced what show with their presence?  Masterpiece Theatre (Source: Christine) [Real answer:The Surreal Life]
  • George Harrison heavily financed what street-singing religious group? New Kids on the Block (Source: Leper Colony) [Real answer: Hare Krishnas]

1 Cathy's name for french fries
2 And unnamed amount of cash for coming in second

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