When It Rains, It Pours

My new laptop arrived today, but I am cruelly prevented from going straight home and getting my geek on w/r/t transferring files, setting up the router, configuring wireless connections for my assorted electronics, blah, blah, blah by the fact that I have actual plans with actual people to go to an actual restaurant and have an actual dinner. 

Sigh. I wanted to make an analogy equating nerdiness to peanut butter and socializing to chocolate, but I'm not sure it holds up. This classic Reese's ad would support my point, but it's not embeddable, so you'll just have to click through: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJLDF6qZUX0

Then again, I probably wouldn't get all of those things accomplished tonight anyway, given my innate laziness and the fact that there are two hours of American Idol to view and dissect. I can't start viewing/dissecting until after 10 anyway, since I like to tape the whole thing instead of watching it live. That allows me to spend less time on commercials and more time on Simon/Ryan ho-yay. I wasn't too impressed with anyone on Tuesday's show — they just made me miss Adam Lambert.


  1. I tried to put that same ad on my blog (when I posted my recipe this past Monday), but went with one that I could embed instead.

  2. Progress report:

    Dinner took forever -- terrible service, but great company and good dessert.

    I have the new laptop up & running, the wi-fi set up (typing this on my iPod touch!) and the files transferring . . .

    And it's not even 11 yet. . . Plenty of time to watch AI before turning in!