The Nicest Part of the Day

Here's a modern-day Zen koan for you: I made it to the office on time this morning (technically, two minutes early!), but if nobody is here to notice, did it really happen? 

It so happens that someone's out on vacation this week, someone else called off sick today, and some other people have a slightly different schedule than mine, so they get here later anyway.

By my estimate, I have about five more minutes of peace and quiet before someone else shows up and starts ruining my day. 


  1. Caught in a vortex of ceditless promptitude: You could always pull a George Costanza and leave your car parked at work for a few weeks. But then again I don't think your workplace is quite as big of an organization as the Yankees. Oh well, just savor the five minutes of peace I guess.

  2. I suspect that there's a future Pub Quiz team name somewhere here.