I Was Afraid of This

My medium-warm enthusiasm about adding Jamison and Bassy is tempered by how super-bummed I am to see Z go. For the time being, I feel that this is yet another strike against Danny Ferry. (I'm still holding a grudge after twenty years!)

The guys on ESPN this a.m. were talking about the "wink, wink, nudge, nudge gentleman's agreement" that will let Z be cut by the Wizards so he can wait a month and get re-signed by the Cavs. I probably annoyed my neighbors by yelling at the television about how we had one of those WWNNGA's with Carlos Boozer, and where is he now? Utah, the m—f—er. 

Not that I care about him anymore, but still: It makes me nervous. I may not be un-nervous until Z is helping LeBron hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy this June. Here's hoping.

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