I Totally Want This: Vote Whig T-Shirt

Although, upon examination of the Whig platform — specifically, the supremacy of Congress over the executive branch — perhaps not. Oh wait . . .  There's a Modern Whig Party that seems to take a Festivus approach, calling itself a "party for the rest of us." Hmm. Perhaps that has potential.

On a related note: I love how the subheadings in the Wikipedia entry for the O.G. Whigs are titled "A Brief Golden Age" and "Death Throes, 1852-1856."

Branching off of that: Earlier this morning, Cathy and I were discussing the car commercial filled with blatant yet hi-larious falsehoods about George Washington that concludes with something along the lines of "At least, that's what it says on the Internet." I wish I could find it and embed it for your viewing pleasure, but, alas, my mad Googling skillz seem to have deserted me at the moment. 

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