R.I.P., Old Friend

My universal remote died.

I wanted to start setting my VCRs (plural!) last night, but it refused to cooperate. Apparently I've worn it out after three and a half years — there are fresh(-ish) batteries in it, but mashing the buttons repeatedly at varying pressures and angles did not produce the desired results.

This is the second one I've worn out. I went to order a new one on Amazon, but they don't make that model anymore. I'm so bummed.


  1. Occasionally there are some great deals on refurbished Harmony remotes. I have two and love them! It seems goofy to spend that much or have to plug it into the computer to set it, but just being able to press "Watch DVD" and have it turn on the TV to the right input and turn on the DVD is pretty awesome.

  2. Hmmm . . . I may have to do some intense Googling on Harmony remotes today. Thanks for the tip!