This Never Happened When I Went There

To make up for enduring four years' worth of losing football teams as an undergrad, I totally want to go to the MAC championship game. I've already decided that I'm taking this Friday off — I may as well do a little road-tripping to Detroit, right?

I didn't go the last time they made it to the MAC championship (2007) and I'm probably not going to whatever bowl game they end up in (assuming they get invited to one), and I'm certainly not going to California to see the 110 in person (although my mom suggested that since my sister is an OSU grad, we should all go to the Rose Bowl), so this is pretty much the only viable option, other than staying in town and getting people together to watch it on TV . . . which is what happened last time. While that was fun, I'm hoping this will be more fun.

Next step: Filling the rest of the car. Any takers?

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