This Week in Netflix: Volume 30

I wasn't exactly in the mood to watch Stop-Loss but it sucked me in. I kept waiting for Justin Timberlake to show up, though.

See, somehow I had it in my head that he was in this movie; when he didn't appear, I revised my hypothesis to include a movie with similar themes. Apparently I dreamed that whole thing, however, because I can't find anything on IMDB that looks similar enough to have inspired either theory.

Next up: Adventureland. I wonder if Jesse Eisenberg is going to appear only in movies that end in -landAdventureland, Zombieland, Poor Man's Michael Cera Land, etc.

In the meantime, the latest season of Bones just arrived from Amazon. I'm not sure how much I'm dying to watch it, though. TNT spoils me on Mondays and Tuesdays by playing a bunch of episodes back-to-back-to-back, so I think I've seen every episode a few times already. Maybe I'll crack it open and just watch the extended episodes and other extras.

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