My Eyes, My Eyes!

I accidentally watched an entire episode of Toddlers and Tiaras last night (ok, it was very early this morning). I got sucked in by the spray tanning and Southern accents . . . although I did flip over to A Few Good Men during the commercials, so I got to see the whole "You can't handle the truth!" bit, along with a young, hot, drunk Tom Cruise getting a great idea as he slowly ran his hands up and down the shaft . . . of his baseball bat. I'm sad I missed the "I strenuously object" bit, though.

But back to this train wreck of a show and the network that airs it. (You know, it's the one that makes a mint off of our fascination with fat people, pregnant people, and fat people who didn't know that they were also pregnant people.) I'm thinking about programming my TV to skip over that channel, because the promos for the other shows seemed to feature things I'm better off not seeing. I'd rather watch Accidentally on Purpose with the sound off, just for those few scenes that feature Jon Foster without (many) clothes. Rowr!

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  1. Hey me and amy are trying to get Kara on that show.