Friday Timewaster: Stump the Bookseller

When I was home sick last week, I watched some DVDs (the first three seasons of Buffy) and read some books, including Shelf Discovery, which is a collection of essays about YA books.

That kind of inspired one of my periodic quests to re-read stuff I read as a kid, like the Great Brain books or the spooky John Bellairs stuff or the Bruno and Boots books by Gordon Korman.

There are always a few books that I remember odd details from (using jelly beans as face paint; impersonating a boy in order to fight in the Revolutionary War) but can't put a title or author to . . . which is where "Stump the Bookseller" on the Loganberry Books Web site comes in. I found this site a while back, and I thought I had posted something here about it already, but apparently not.

Have you forgotten the title of your favorite children's book? This is a service to help solve your book mysteries.

Submit your memory here, and see if anyone else remembers your book memory, or better yet, knows the title and author! After all, it's easier to find the book when you know what it's called.

I actually solved one — someone posted details that I recognized as part of Sister of the Bride, a Beverly Cleary book from 1963 that I just reread last summer. So, yay me?

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